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I have been working with Rob on and off for the past two years. During that period I have faced a number of challenges in my work and home life (I guess I am no different to anyone else) and I can only say that whilst Rob didn’t provide me with any ‘direct’ answers, he helped and guided me to find them. Rob never judges and his powerful questioning makes you far more aware of the journey you are on and the fact that ultimately the choices and decisions you make have to come from within.
One area where I found Rob brought ‘real’ value to my personal make up was the area of not overreacting and jumping straight into a decision driven by my immediate short term emotions. I now take the time to reflect and visualise the outcome of any significant decision that I am planning to make. This approach has led to fewer regrets and far more positive outcomes.

Mark Newton, Managing Director


I have worked with Rob McKelvey for many years in his capacity as a professional coach and in his capacity as a CEO.

With his strong corporate background, Rob is fully aware of the many challenges that face today’s executives, both personally and professionally.
Rob possesses very clear and precise thinking and adopts a style that challenges the status quo to ensure the best results are achieved.  He has great attention to detail, a great memory and a very broad knowledge base.
Rob is “tough but fair”; he asks the hard questions and expects his clients to take ownership.  Most importantly, he is truly passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential.
I have personally been challenged by Rob with my feet held close to the fire, as he strives to have his clients pursue the best results through detailed and analytical thinking.
I highly recommend Rob as an executive coach who can stimulate real results and change.
Chris Gorman, CEO, The Executive Connection

I was introduced to Rob McKelvey through a soccer team mate, my goal was to receive some assistance with one on one business coaching and mentoring. The personal development and changes I went through were simply amazing. Rob assisted me determine how to not only improve in business, but more importantly to improve as a person, father and husband. With Rob’s help I completely changed not only my career, but the way I interact with people and colleagues. My family and I are now living in London, and I run a successful property development and management business. I doubt these changes would have happened had I not met Rob
Gareth Grant, Property Developer

Edna’s intuition, coaching ability and compassion are something I will always be grateful for as she has been an invaluable guide for me on my journey and one I strongly would / and have, recommended to others”.
Lauren, Client

Testimonials from Training Workshops:

Edna is very skilled, experienced and enthusiastic, with an ability to make the complex simple.

I found Edna clear, concise, knowledgeable, and importantly able to present information in a way that I could easily understand.”

Edna has a very clear, sincere and easy to listen to style of training.

Edna’s integration of visual and experiential techniques deepened my understanding of the information being taught.

Edna was a great trainer – I felt very comfortable with her and her style.

Excellent workshop facilitator.

Edna’s way of communicating and supporting during these 2 days were great.  Many thanks.

Edna is wonderful, very clearly spoken, with a calm, gentle manner, and is highly knowledgeable and professional.  She was also excellent at keeping to time whilst covering the content of the workshop.

Loved Edna’s openness and honesty as she facilitated this workshop.

Edna is an engaging, authentic and clear presenter and trainer.

Edna’s experience, insight and how she addressed individual learning goals within this workshop helped me immensely in my learning experience.

Edna was a very generous and thoughtful presenter and facilitator.  She provided a good mix of education and group experience, checking in with us frequently, very supportive experience.

I worked with Rob over a 6 month period to guide me through some career decisions and priorities. He assisted me in understanding some fundamentals on my priorities in work and personal aspects of my life and as a result have been able to be very clear about the direction I have taken, Without Rob’s assistance I would still be on the Corporate Rollercoaster without understanding why and where I was.
Anthony Clarke, Storage Practice Manager

I would highly recommend Rob McKelvey as a valuable business coach and mentor. I worked with Rob as the CEO of an ASX listed business over a period of more than 12 months and found that his advice and counsel was extremely helpful. Rob has the ability to link big-picture strategy to operational goals and issues and to thereby help guide management actions and decision-making in a very productive fashion.”
Ian Birks, CEO AIIA

I engaged the services of Rob McKelvey in 2006 while I was the Chief Financial Officer of RuleBurst Limited, a software company with over 100 staff across offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, London and Washington DC. RuleBurst was going through a period of accelerated growth and as a consequence, the executive management team of RuleBurst was faced with new and added ‘growing pains’ type pressures. Over the course of several months, Rob played an instrumental coaching role in helping key management team members improve their productivity, work life balance as well as communication and delegation skills, which in turn led to significant improvements in the culture of RuleBurst.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob and would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.
Kevin Chin, Managing Director, Arowana Capital

I began working with Edna when I was unexpectedly retrenched from a senior corporate position which presented me with big, difficult decisions about my career and how I wanted to live.  I worked with Edna to integrate the pain of that transition to gain clarity, focus and momentum in my life and work, which has taken a more fulfilling direction, aligned to my deeper values.  Edna’s guidance helped me to find the courage and clarity I needed to strike out in this new direction.

As a Coach, Counsellor and Therapist, Edna has a rare combination of professional expertise, profound insight, sharp intellect and deep compassion.  Her ability to bring together therapeutic knowledge with business acumen has been invaluable in our work together.  Last, but not least, Edna’s strength and integrity generated the trust that has allowed our sessions to be profoundly beneficial.
Director, Sustainability Consulting Practice

Coaching sessions with Rob always helped me examine the reasons behind why I do things the way I do. Without that introspection, I wouldn’t have made the advances I have this year.
Jason Tunbridge, General Manager

Testimonials from ‘Create The Life of Your Dreams’ Workshop Retreat

I attended the workshop thinking I probably wouldn’t gain a lot out of it, yet was curious to know what it would be like.  I left having discovered some very important things about myself, which hopefully will improve my life and relationships.  The sharing and caring promoted within the group facilitated by Edna and Pam was inspiring.

A highly professional, incredibly supporting, nurturing, knowledgeable, clear and concise group faciitated approach.  The openness, encouragement, positiveness and sensitivity shown by both Edna and Pam facilitated incredible changes to occur for myself and others attending.  Everything came from their heart to the hearts of us all.  Thank you so much.

This retreat workshop was very well run, conceived and planned in all respects.  The facilitators, Edna and Pam, were personal yet efficient and knowledgeable.  Would highly recommend each of them and their workshops.

The thing about change is it can be scary.  This workshop was delivered in a safe and caring environment to open up personal dreams and see them become real and possible.  I am going away from this workshop knowing what I want will happen – that is extraordinary.  Thank you Edna and Pam for holding me responsible for achieveing my dreams.

I hired Rob to help my transition from being a corporate guy to being a self-employed consultant. After 20+ years in ‘large’ companies that move can be truly a challenge. 
Rob helped me to: 
* understand what excited me and what I was good at and what I really wanted to do 
* understand that cold calling was not that scary! 
* face my fears. 
I have just celebrated 3 years since the leap of faith and continue to want to make it a success.
Leighton Jenkins, Sales & Marketing Consultant

Rob’s executive coaching techniques provided me with relevant tools for my professional development.
Kevin MacMillan, Business Executive

Rob is a seasoned business executive who uses a pragmatic approach to coaching and mentoring. He knows how to help you identify your priorities and the key elements holding you back. He can help you get the results you want.
Lisa Mah-Chut, Director Sales Foresight Partners

Rob has always been a very supportive… I grew immensely and became successful because of his hands on approach but at the same time his coaching me on how to be independent and to make decisions on my own. Rob has been a coach and an advisor to me which has helped me in my successes. I highly recommend Rob for any roles especially in coaching and management roles.
Robin Joffe, President ATrade

Testimonials from Professional Group Facilitation:

Edna is a very involved and enlightened facilitator

Thanks to Edna, I have a changed perspective of group work.  This was a journey of self awareness and I have surprisingly enjoyed it immensely

Edna is an excellent group facilitator.  I immensely appreciated her balance of being present and genuine, though not in the group, still able to impart and share of herself and theory where appropriate.  I think she struck this balance brilliantly.

Thank you Edna, for your insightfulness, care and understanding.  I have so much valuable new information and perspectives to help me continue my journey.

I felt the group got a little out of control at one stage, and I saw Edna facilitate the group, and myself, back to a safe place within which we could continue our work.

Edna has been instrumental in the growth of our group and has a natural way of explaining process to make it understandable.  She is very perceptive, providing a fantastic group experience.

I found Edna to be extremely grounded and clear and I felt more confident to find my real voice in the group with her holding the space in the steady way she did.


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