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Rob McKelvey BA, CMC, Cert. NLP in Business, Dip. of Learning Solutions in Hypnosis, MAICD, ICC, ICF
Rob McKelveyBio: Following a very successful corporate career, spanning several continents, Rob now works as a coach and mentor. He is passionate about helping people become more aware of themselves in order to achieve their potential. His commitment to a balanced, authentic life, along with his empathy with people and his passion to inspire and empower those around him to be the best they can be, makes him a highly effective coach and mentor.

Rob is a Certified Master Coach with the Behavioural Coaching Institute, author, and qualified Hypnotherapist with strong global experience gained over 30 years in executive and senior management roles across a diverse range of businesses. This includes industries such as Professional Services, Information Technology, Publishing and Retail.

His commitment to achieving results is aligned with his strength in coaching and mentoring people toward achieving goals, conflict management, authentic leadership, stress reduction, life balance, and self awareness.

Rob was born and raised in Canada. He came to Australia for 6 months in 1986 and fell in love with the place. Rob have been fortunate to live and work in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. He considers himself very privileged to have experienced a number of different cultures. Rob now lives in Sydney with his wife and has two married daughters, a son, and three grandchildren.

Rob has a BA in History and Psychology, a Certificate in NLP in Business, and a Diploma of Learning Solutions in Hypnosis. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD), the International Coaching Council (ICC), the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and also serves in non executive director positions.

A Bit About How I work: When I was in the corporate world I was always interested in getting the best out of people. Sadly, early in my career the best meant getting the most out of people in relation to what was best for the business. When I became a manager I thought I had to manage people. As I matured in the business world I realised that what was best for the individual in relation to their personal and professional development would produce good results for the company. I became more aware of myself and what motivated me and this lead to my passion for helping people become more aware of themselves in order to reach their potential. I stopped managing people and helped them to grow.

In my approach to coaching I try and help get my clients from a current scenario to a preferred scenario. For this I use a solution focused approach. That is to say that I would not dwell on the problem, or the causes of the problem with you but rather on how to solve the situation. There is no particular agenda that I have in mind. The client and their issue(s) is the agenda. I can, and will, use several methodologies to provide an integrated coaching experience for the client.

I believe that within each individual lies the resources to solve their own problems. Some times it is just a question of us getting out of our own way in order to do that. It is my intention to facilitate a safe, non-judgemental environment for you to
do that.

Edna McKelvey Degree: Counselling & Human Change; Advanced Certificates:Supervision, Coaching; Certificates: Executive Coaching, Behavioural Coaching, NLP in Business; Diplomas: Various incl. Marketing Management, Memberships: Accredited Supervisor PACFA & AAOS, Member CAPA NSW, ICF & ICC

Edna McKelveyEdna is passionate about empowering individuals and organisations to effectively manage, grow and develop through transition and change. The ability to build trust and rapport rapidly facilitates her success in working individually or as a group facilitator. She has a proven track record in creating awareness, encouraging capability uplift and establishing deep, positive and lasting behavioural change.

Edna’s broad business and life experiences and diverse training and knowledge, provide a unique combination of skills and experience. She has over 25 years international business experience gained in Management, Sales, Marketing and Consulting prior to moving into the area of human behavioural change as a Coach and Psychotherapist. Her varied and rich experiences have evolved from working in a variety of business areas: IT, People Leadership, Education, Sales & Marketing, Recruitment, Consulting , Property Development and Career Transition and Management, in the UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Europe.

Bringing authenticity and integrity to her work, she now offers her services in both business and personal supervision arenas in areas such as Leadership Development, Effective Communication, Team Coaching, Managing Loss and Change, Life and Career Transitions, Supervision and Education, Anxiety and Stress Management and Conflict Resolution.

Edna was born in Scotland and now lives in Sydney running her own business wearing three distinct hats:

  • consulting to organisations as an executive and team coach;
  • working with individuals and groups as a Supervisor for Coaches and Clinicians;
  • developing and facilitating group programs on increasing effective communication,building and maintaining relationships, interpersonal awareness and supervision.

Qualifications & Training:

BCHC (Counselling & Human Change)
Certificate in Behavioural Coaching
Diploma Marketing Management
Certificate NLP in Business
Group Leadership & Facilitation – various Certifications
Managing Executive Transition
Extensive range of sales, business, management and psychotherapeutic certifications

Professional Memberships:ICC (International Coaching Council)
ICF (International Coaching Federation)
Accredited Supervisor & CM PACFA (Psychotherapist & Counselling Federation of Australia) reg no: 20626
Accredited Supervisor (AAOS Australian Association of Supervisors)
M CAPA, NSW (Counsellors & Psychotherapist Assoc.)

A Bit About Me and How I Work

As a Coach and Psychotherapist in Sydney, Australia, I have worked with individuals, couples, groups and families both in a private clinical practice and as a service provider to a variety of different organisations.  I now specifically focus on  Executive and Team Coaching, and Supervision.

As a Coach I work with Executives, either contracted by their organisation or by them individually to facilitate development toward identified outcomes and goals or through career and life transition.

As a Supervisor I work with coaches and clinicians both individually or in groups, to facilitate greater learning and development personally and professionally.   I am also engaged in several different areas within the therapeutic profession that help to fuel an area I am ‘passionate’ about – that of systemic and group work.

As a Group Facilitaor I am involved in several diverse areas. The education of family groups in the midst of dealing with a range of issues such as addiction, anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviours and usually struggling with healthy relating. Private groups focusing on personal growth and change through healing from the impact of family of origin issues, increasing capability with interpersonal communication issues, and lastly, with groups of students engaged in and learning to become counsellors.

My approach is holistic and integrated, is anchored by different theories and may include the introduction of various techniques.  All of these assist understanding of what may unconsciously drive us in life, or what our body can tell us about ourselves which can facilitate energy unblocking and increased personal awareness. These may be introduced easily in session as and if required, such as Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualisation, Focusing, Creative Interventions, and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Clients engage with me for a broad range of issues such as managing Anxiety and Stress, negotiating Transitions in career, relationships or family, Addiction to behaviours or substances, to navigate Grief and Loss, or to deal with experiences of Trauma past or present.

The human spirit is what really inspires me.    I have immense belief in what it is able to withstand and its resilience and then what it can further achieve  when supported with faith, love and unconditional positive regard.  These factors, in conjunction with utmost confidentiality within our work is always my aim to provide in session.

I feel totally blessed and humbled to see courage in action almost daily in my work as I watch clients from all walks of life,  embrace their fears and experience greater insight and understanding.

Whether you desire coaching or supervision to achieve greater satisfaction and outcomes in your career, or are in emotional or physical pain within your personal, family or business life, or are feeling confused, anxious or ‘down’, I will support you and work with you to help you gain more awareness and understanding of what is happening for you at this time – and toward achieving the changes you desire.

Once aware of behaviours, beliefs or patterns that may block or stop us in achieving what it is that we wish to achieve, then education, skills development and experiential learning is an essential component of change to move forward. This is the value of integrating coaching and therapy.

Aside from my coaching and therapeutic skills and expertise, I have a strong business background incorporating management, consulting and sales in small to large organisations across a range of industries such as IT, Training, Recruitment and Property Development.

I was born in Scotland and very proud of it, as I am of my Australian nationality.  Having left from and returned to Australian shores 3 times, I  have managed many of my own personal transitions in life, having lived and worked in North America, UK, Europe and Australia.

I adore living near the ocean in one of the most glorious parts of Sydney, it’s Northern Beaches.  I share my life with my husband, and enjoy being a parent/mentor to our adult children – a young man-son and two beautiful step-daughters.  We are now watching a new generation emerge in our 3 grandchildren, an interesting emergent time.

Between them all, they remind me daily of what’s important, and are consistently my life teachers!

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